Source Market Insights; Brazil

Source Market Insights; Brazil


Source Market Insights; Brazil provides an overview of the Brazilian outbound market, analyzing market data and providing insights. This report provides a better understanding of the number of Brazilian tourists going abroad, their spending habits and main destination markets.

Key Findings

Brazils outbound market saw impressive growth over the last few years, going up from 5.2 million outbound trips in 2008 to 8.7 million trips in 2013. However, due to a slowed down economy, Travel & Tourism Intelligence Center (TTIC) expects that outbound trips only see a marginal average annual rate until 2018.

Brazilians are big spenders when abroad. However, spending per trip has been in decline since 2011. Brazilian tourists are now traveling on tighter budgets with more international LCC flights becoming available. An imposed government tax will also affect shopping abroad in the near future.

The US is the main source market for Brazilian tourists in 2013. Shopping is the main activity for Brazilian tourists with Florida being the most visited US state in 2013.

Europe is popular amongst Brazilian tourists with 27% of all trips going to the continent in 2013. Many Brazilians have deep historical and cultural ties with Europe and many family members still living there. Portugal was the most visited European country in 2013.



The report provides detailed market analysis, information, and insights, including:

Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the entire Brazilian outbound tourism sector

Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns for various categories in the travel and tourism sector, such as sightseeing and entertainment , transportation and retail

Detailed analysis of the market trends in Brazilian outbound tourism sector


Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to the Brazilian outbound tourism sector

Understand the key market trends and growth opportunities in the Brazil outbound tourism sector, along with key trends and grow opportunities

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