Global RNAi Market

Global RNAi Market

This report covers both products and services in the RNAi industry. The global RNAi market is analyzed by Tools/Products and Applications for each of the geographic regions- North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. The RNAi Tools/Products are further segmented into Design/Software (miRNA Target Scan, miRNA Analysis Software, and Design Software), Synthesis (Expression Vectors, Chemical, miRNA Isolation, Dicer/RNAseIII, and In Vitro), Delivery (Vector Based, Transfection Reagents, and Electroporation), Monitoring/Optimizing (Primers for RTqPCR, Controls, and miRNA Detection Tools), and Libraries (Human, Mouse, and Rat). Application by Research (Functional Genomics, Metabolism, and Protein Chemistry), Therapeutics (Oncology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, and Virology) and Drug Development (Target Identification, Target Validation, and Drug Mechanism) are also analyzed. Business profiles of major companies are discussed in the report. The report serves as a guide to global RNAi industry covering 280 plus companies that are engaged in RNAi synthesis, R&D, therapeutics, test kits, tools and services. Major Research Organizations and Universities serving the industry are also covered in the Corporate Directory section of this report. Information related to recent product releases, product developments, partnerships, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, ethical issues, regulatory affairs, and other areas of concern is also covered in the report. Estimations and predictions are provided by geographic regions with exclusive graphical representations illustrated for 485 plus exhibits.


Table Of Contents :


Introduction to RNAi

RNAi – Nature’s Way of Silencing Gene



RNAi – The Main Objectives of Our Study

RNAi – Some Basics

History of RNAi

RNAi – Origins and Discovery

Segmentation of RNAi

Exhibit 1. Segmentation of Global RNAi Market by Application and Tools/Products

Exhibit 2. Segmentation by Application

Exhibit 3. Segmentation by Tools/Products

Facts About RNAi

Relation between siRNA Length and siRNA Function

Functional Significance of siRNA Length

Is siRNA Length Influential of siRNA Function?

Use of RNAi in Mammalian Systems

RNAi – Global Market Analysis

Exhibit 4. RNAi– Global Market Estimations & Predictions (2005 -2020) in US$ Million (Graphical Representation Included)

Exhibit 5. List of Major RNAi Global Companies

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